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  Nia Angelina


Scale from 1 to 10

People Skills -- 10
Management -- 9
Lead Developer -- 10
Database & Reporting -- 10
Programming -- 10
Application Design & Archtecture -- 10

Information Design and Continuity -- 10
Driving Website Traffic & Understanding the Statistics -- 8
Building Presentations -- 10
Consulting & Working with Clients -- 10
Design & Graphics -- 9
Web Animation -- 8

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  Web Developer  
  Web Architecture  

Nia Angelina has 12 years of experience in the application development field. She worked for IBUI (LA Internet) as Web Production Manager, for IBM Global Services as Advisory IT Specialist, for CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation as Web Developer and for Technicolor as Software Developer.

Her last achievements when in Technicolor include several projects where I executed as a lead developer:
. Creating web interface for resource’ schedule (.NET, C#, SQL, T-SQL)
. Creating a web reporting tool for the finance department (SSRS, SQL, T-SQL)
. Designing and developing portfolio for the guess wireless users (SharePoint)
. Developing 4 monitor content for the headquarter’s lobby (HTML, Java Script, RSS)
. Developing SSIS packages for automatic upload of data (Microsoft Integration Services)
. Windows service & form to upload XML schedules to MS database (.NET, C#, SQL, T-SQL)

The last 2 years of training:

. Attended the 2010 SharePoint conference and training
. Attended training for SSRS, MS Project API
. Attended the 2010 TechEd conference and training

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